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Begunska taborišča (5966 bralcev)
Ponedeljek, 22. 2. 2010
Romana Z.

Vse kaže, da gre za prakso zahodnih držav: podkupovanje sosedov s slabim slovesom, naj rešijo begunsko vprašanje namesto njih. Cilj opravičuje sredstva. Kako daleč je prisotna politika in mentaliteta od tiste, ob kateri so se zgodila koncentracijska taborišča?
Pripovedi beguncev, ki so uspeli zapustiti zapore v Libiji (financirani od Italije) in pogovor z Jammie Taylor,ki je opravila 250 intervjujev z begunci, ki so pristali v brezizhodni situaciji v Indoneziji (podkupovanje Avstralije). Prisluhnite oddaji


Posledice evropske politike vračanja migrantov in beguncev na obale Afrike:


I left Somalia in July 2003, after losing my family in the ongoing civil war. I went to Ethiopia, then Sudan and finally through the Sahara Desert to Libya. In the Sahara, I was one of 30 people packed into a four-wheel drive. Some of those who fell out were crushed to death by the tyres. I used to call the desert the valley of the dead – I’ve never seen so many corpses in my life.

Often I thought I had found wood, to make a fi re, only to discover that I was holding the bones of fi ngers.

After two months, we reached Kufra in Libya. I stayed in Tripoli for almost a year – scary and dangerous. Clearly,

I couldn’t stay in Libya nor could I return to Somalia where the situation was deteriorating. On 24 September 2004, I crossed the Mediterranean on a tiny boat with 24 others. After three days at sea, we saw land, but our fuel finished and the waves began to drag us outwards. We drifted until we were rescued by the AFM.


Once on land, we were taken into detention. After 20 days, the police told six of us to pack our belongings. Handcuffed and put on a police bus, we were eventually informed that we were being deported to Libya. We insisted on speaking to a UNHCR representative; in detention, we had never been informed that we could apply for asylum. The police offi  cer called his superiors but was ordered to put us on the plane. In Tripoli, the Libyan authorities took us into custody, to an unknown location. Asked to face the wall, we were hit with a thick wooden stick. I was beaten unconscious. We were thrashed individually every night; I

was beaten on my fi ngers and if I even twitched I was hit on the head. I was asked to fi ll my mouth with air and then

hit sharply on my ears. I didn’t see the others but I could hear them cry. After three months, we were taken to court and sentenced to a year in prison for entering, leaving and re-entering the country illegally. During this year, we

were tortured several times – we were beaten, doused in cold water, jabbed with electric prods.


In November 2005, we deportees from Malta were put on a jeep, taken to the Sahara and thrown out in the middle of nowhere. After a week of wandering without food or water, Sadak and Mohammed said they could go no further, to leave them there to die. We stayed with them to encourage them but they soon died. A few days later, Hashi and Abdishukur had no energy to continue either. After 14 days in the desert, Abdul and I met some Berbers who helped us. We reached Tripoli and tried again to leave Libya by boat. We reached Malta in June 2006.

vir: http://www.jrsmalta.org/Do%20They%20Know.pdf




In še nekaj o posledicah avstralske azilne politike:


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea je dokumentarec trenutno v produkciji in je nastal na podlagi intervjujev s prosilci za azil v Indoneziji. Avtorica Jessie Taylor je naša sogovornica v februarski oddaji.






Še en primer odnosa Avstralije do prosilcev za azil:

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