A joint project of 
       Ulf Freyhoff, Monika Glahn and Dagmar Gabler 
       Marko Kosnik, EGON MARCH INSTITUTE
       Borut Savski MINISTRY OF EXPERIMENT @ Radio Student Ljubljana
XLR was a 14 days after-the-midnight net & fm (broad)casting project which took place at Radio Student Ljubljana and Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana from August 24th to September 5th 1997. 

Initiated by Marko Kosnik, Ulf Freyhoff and Monika Glahn in  June 1997. Decision was made on the basis of newly acquired (& not fully aware of...) communication possibility at Radio Student: a 24 hours on-line Internet access.  For Marko Kosnik it was a continuation of his work at Radio Student (from 1991) to explore the (mis-interpreted) possibilities of media, aesthetical and technological (especially on international multi-central level:  a project MUU SCHOOL) and to bring the explorations into regular radio practice thus reinterpreting the role of  'alternative' media. 

Three artists from Berlin took the decision to take part in the project - Ulf Freyhoff, video & web artist, Monika Glahn, web artist, Dagmar Gabler - Sekretärin, actor & poet, the first two from INTERFLUGS HdK büro from Berlin. On Ljubljana side Borut Savski, keeper of the Ministry for Experiment at RADIO STUDENT Ljubljana and Marko Kosnik took over the organization and coordination. Technological infrastructure was combined out of three various institutions and two provided the necessary (minimal) financing. 

During the two weeks we managed to successfully combine communication techniques of all available kinds (low-power fm-links, high-power radio-broadcast, telephone lines, one-way and two-way web casting on Internet). 

A line of conceptual progression can be perceived: what began as fairly conventional transmitting of music & talk over the net and on the airwaves of Radio Student, progressed into exploring the 'horizontal' possibilities of both the classical radio (fm-links from places of  'real' activities) and especially the Internet. 

A two-way communication with the use of two receivers (decoding computers) and two transmitters (two streams on a server) was tried out successfully on the fifth day and a conclusion crystallized: one has to find an active partner on the Internet. 

From then on implementing the so-far established technological platform with 'content'  remained the primary aim. 

During the last week extremely interesting things were going on: 
   - socially (in the sense that physically remote artists and artists from different national, cultural & aesthetical background 
     were actively producing  'the same broadcasting moment', 
   - aesthetically: a wide variety of personalized projections was broadcast in the last week. 

Some of these exciting moments are available in  XLR ON-LINE ARCHIVE!!! 

And... let us not forget  the extreme personal tensions during the compressed two weeks of synchronizing the efforts, different aesthetics & concepts of all present individuals which had to be dealt with in real-time. Successfully? 

The project was made possible (financially and technically) by: 
                   RADIO STUDENT LJUBLJANA
                   KAPELICA GALLERY LJUBLJANA and 
Yes! Borut Savski