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Tretje Glivično Obolenje: Apathy, Disruption, Suspension, Relapse
Torek, 7. 7. 2009

avtor/ica: DJ Nož

Če ni ničesar črnega in luknjastega, ji bomo pa mi pomagali!

BASIC INFO: Recorded live at Radio Študent on July 7 2009 between 22:30 and 23:00 CET. Everything from the initial idea to real-time execution was done on the same day by DJ Nož, except for the source audio material (the songs, some Radio Študent jingles and cuts, plus some film/TV samples).


SONGS USED: "I Will Be Heard" by Hatebreed, "Legacy Of Lies" by Negligence, "We Who Are Not As Others" by Sepultura, "The Great Seal" by Laibach, "You'll Never Get To Me" by Killing Joke and "Kids Are United" by Atari Teenage Riot.


DEDICATION: This project is only as dedicated as you are. It's only as flattering as you are. It's also only as insulting as you are. Listen and find out.




Arhiv Spletne strani Radia Študent Ljubljana 89,3 MHz