DJ GRAFITI, četrtek,3.7.,22-24h: Popotovanja po zvočnih prostranstvih post-roc
Četrtek, 3. 7. 2003

avtor/ica: david

Playlista ...

Poz komad IZVAJALEC album Založba Dolžina
0 action at a distance MATMOS the west vnesi 2:49
1 the taut and tame TORTOISE millions now living will never die THRILL JOCKEY 4:62
2 the fact that you failed HOOD home is where it hurts DOMINO RECORDINGS 5:56
3 a cheery wave from stranded youngsters MOGWAI young team 1:78
4 past FLYING SAUCER ATTACK new lands 2:69
5 in the midst of a thrill GORGE TRIO dead chicken fear no knife FREE LAND 4:50
6 the landlord is dead DO MAKE SAY THINK goodbye enemy airship/the landlord is dead 5:41
7 rompre l'indifference de l'inexitable avant que l'on ... FLY PAN AM ceux qui inventent n'ont jamais vecu? CST RECORDS 10:54
8 the cipher LABRADFORD labradford 2:73
9 avila DYLAN GROUP ur-klang search 6:30
10 the castaway team MICE PARADE mokoondi BUBBLE CORE 7:53
11 bad ischl FRIDGE eph GO BEAT 5:90
12 the season's reverse GASTR DEL SOL camofleur 5:51
13 audio champion ISOTOPE 217 utonian_automatic THRILL JOCKEY 3:57
14 obscured by 5 (nonplace rmx) BURNT FRIEDMAN & JAKI LIEBEZEIT secret rhythms NONPLACE 4:50
15 an even harder shade of dark THIRD EYE FOUNDATION, THE you guys kill me 8:36
16 catching butterflies with hands MOUSE ON MARS idiology DOMINO RECORDINGS 4:84
17 along the route TO ROCOCO ROT AND I-SOUND music is a hungry ghost CITY SLANG 2:58
18 expected TARWATER not the wheel GUSSTAFF RECORDS 3:81
19 the e. song DICTAPHONE the wire tapper 09 THE WIRE 5:44
20 summer haze MANUAL blue skied an' clear MORR MUSIC 4:71
21 untitled 7 SIGUR ROS icelandic MCA 12:60

Arhiv Spletne strani Radia Študent Ljubljana 89,3 MHz