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Ponedeljek, 14. 11. 2011

avtor/ica: Chop

V tokratni oddaji Metal detektor poslušamo nove izdaje bandov Krisiun, The Rotted, Fuck The Facts, Descending, Root, Riot, Hammers Of Misfortune, Cynic, Mythological Cold Towers in Esoteric. Playlista:

KRISIUN – Descending Abomination (The Great Execution)

THE ROTTED – Surrounded By Skulls (Ad Nauseam)

FUCK THE FACTS – Lifeless (Die Miserable)

DESCENDING – Suicide Promise (New Death Celebrity)

ROOT – Legacy Of Ancestors (Heritage Of Satan)

RIOT – Wings Are For Angels (Immortal Soul)

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE - 17th Street (17th Street)

CYNIC – Carbon-Based Anatomy (Carbon-Based Anatomy EP)


ESOTERIC – Loss Of Will (Paragon Of Dissonance)

Arhiv Spletne strani Radia Študent Ljubljana 89,3 MHz