Znašel si se na arhivu spletne strani Radia Študent, kjer so zaenkrat dostopni prispevki pred majem 2012. Takrat smo namreč za rojstni dan preklopili na novo spletno stran in prevetrili programsko shemo.

Povezava na novo spletno stran je tole

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DJ GRAFITI, četrtek,3.7.,22-24h: Popotovanja po zvočnih prostranstvih post-roc (1147 bralcev)
Četrtek, 3. 7. 2003

Playlista ...

Poz komad IZVAJALEC album Založba Dolžina
0 action at a distance MATMOS the west vnesi 2:49
1 the taut and tame TORTOISE millions now living will never die THRILL JOCKEY 4:62
2 the fact that you failed HOOD home is where it hurts DOMINO RECORDINGS 5:56
3 a cheery wave from stranded youngsters MOGWAI young team 1:78
4 past FLYING SAUCER ATTACK new lands 2:69
5 in the midst of a thrill GORGE TRIO dead chicken fear no knife FREE LAND 4:50
6 the landlord is dead DO MAKE SAY THINK goodbye enemy airship/the landlord is dead 5:41
7 rompre l'indifference de l'inexitable avant que l'on ... FLY PAN AM ceux qui inventent n'ont jamais vecu? CST RECORDS 10:54
8 the cipher LABRADFORD labradford 2:73
9 avila DYLAN GROUP ur-klang search 6:30
10 the castaway team MICE PARADE mokoondi BUBBLE CORE 7:53
11 bad ischl FRIDGE eph GO BEAT 5:90
12 the season's reverse GASTR DEL SOL camofleur 5:51
13 audio champion ISOTOPE 217 utonian_automatic THRILL JOCKEY 3:57
14 obscured by 5 (nonplace rmx) BURNT FRIEDMAN & JAKI LIEBEZEIT secret rhythms NONPLACE 4:50
15 an even harder shade of dark THIRD EYE FOUNDATION, THE you guys kill me 8:36
16 catching butterflies with hands MOUSE ON MARS idiology DOMINO RECORDINGS 4:84
17 along the route TO ROCOCO ROT AND I-SOUND music is a hungry ghost CITY SLANG 2:58
18 expected TARWATER not the wheel GUSSTAFF RECORDS 3:81
19 the e. song DICTAPHONE the wire tapper 09 THE WIRE 5:44
20 summer haze MANUAL blue skied an' clear MORR MUSIC 4:71
21 untitled 7 SIGUR ROS icelandic MCA 12:60

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