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HANNES NETZELL - Mix For Radio Student (1208 bralcev)
Petek, 9. 3. 2012
Dino Lalič

V tokratni DJ Seansi se podajamo na Sever: švedski HANNES NETZELL je za Radio Študent pripravil močvirnato mamljiv ekskluzivni zbir komadov, s katerimi navdušuje vplivna imena svetovnih radijskih tokov...

Nadebudni producent HANNES NETZELL je pred kratkim učinkovito opozoril nase z EP-prvencem Under Bron, preplavljenim s nežnimi, prašnimi in jesenskomelanholičnimi klavirskimi detajli v senci stabilnih, topotajočih basovskih udarcev. Topel, globok house mladega Šveda ga je po skrivnostni poti privedel tudi do najvplivnejših sfer britanskih radijskih valov, v tokratni DJ Seansi pa se na frekvenci 89,3 MHz predstavlja z ekskluzivno selekcijo house miselnosti, ki jo predstavlja!



Pred DJ Seanso prisluhnite še intervjuju s producentom ali si ga preberite tukaj:


How did you get involved with music?

I was playing the drumset and all kinds of weird percussion. It was actually my mom who asked me to play an instrument. First, I sang in a choir, and later on I started to play some instruments. The trumpet, flute and then percussion. I like to have a solid beat and then put something dreamy or floating on top of the beat.

How much did these experiences with playing different instruments channel into your sound? Do you record the instruments or do you use mostly synthesis?

It depends. I sample a lot of weird sounds and I listen to a lot of real music, like Die Berliner Symphonikern. I am inspired by their arrangements and progression in their music. But when it comes to using synthesizers I use whatever sound I find that sounds nice. It could be an old drum sampler, sounds that I found on the internet or YouTube or I could be using real hardware.

Your sound has a real warm, vintage touch. Is this an aesthetic choice or is it a consequence of the equipment that you use for producing?

It's a combination. I get a lot of inspiration from hip hop, for example the Gang Starr tracks. They have this warm sound, but the beats are still very heavy. I like that warm feeling, but since my tracks are made for playing in the club, I had to make sure that the drums, the bass and everything else sounds proper in the club.

Your EP Under Bron was released on a DIY label called Junk Yard Connections. I heard it's founded and run by two mysterious guys from Stockholm.

It's actually run by one guy called Rudolph. He's a really nice guy. We're old friends, and we became friends through music. I guess he found some of my tracks on Soundcloud, and then it turned up we were both studying in the same place in Sweden, in Lund. So we hooked up playing music, drinking beer and having a good time, releasing that EP.

Do you consider yourself included in the Swedish house scene? What are the strong currents in the underground?

To be honest, I'm not sure. I guess I'm a part of the scene; there are a lot of people DJing in the clubs, but there are not that much people making music. Of course we have the old guys - Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, but those are legends from Stockholm. We also have Studio Barnhus, Axel Boman, and we have Petter Nordqvist and Kornel Kovacs, who are fantastic DJs and producers. Those are the guys who produce the most of the underground music in Sweden. So I guess I'm a part of the guys who are actually producing tracks. But I'm not doing that much DJ sets in Sweden, because there are not a lot of people who understand the music - most of the people want to hear Guetta. So it's a small crowd, but they have a really good knowledge in dance music.

So you mostly play out in Sweden or abroad?

I've been DJing a lot in a lot of different places in Sweden and in Stockholm. I've been to Burn Studios DJ Camp at Ibiza. We were producing tracks and doing alot of sets. What I'm trying to do now is to produce tracks that would get me more gigs abroad.

You have been also given airplay on Gilles Peterson's show on BBC. How did that happen?

I have no clue how that happened. On Facebook, I saw a post about his show that featured a track of mine. I was really happy to see that. I think he was making a tribute to DJ Mehdi, and talked about him over my track Under Bron; it fit the show very nice. But I have no clue how the track ended up there, because there were only 300 vinyl copies released. He probably bought one copy, played it and liked it!

Do you have any releases, shows planned for this year?

Yeah, I actually have a collaboration planned with the talented producer Eiad Sayegh, from Nazareth. We're gonna release an album this spring and we're in the middle of getting a deal for that. It's a 10-track album, really nice and smooth - you can dance to every tact, basically. I also have some other tracks for an EP on Baroque. It's a bit more uptempo but still has solid beats and warm sounds, and hopefully I'll release a track for Studio Barnhus, called Life Is Good.

You've prepared an exclusive mix for Radio Student. What's the idea behind it?

I think it's a pretty simple message. It's about listening to the tracks you like and dance. I like to go out and dance and have a good time myself, to it's a nice mix for doing that!

More info at:

Hannes Netzell Official




01. Hannes Netzell - Undersigned [Junk yard Connection]

02. Pirupa feat. Bajka - Trust (Gregorythme Remix) [Rebirth]

03. Terranova - So Strong Feat Khan (Twelve Inch Mix) [Get Physical]

04. C2C - Dramamine (Ellroy & Steven Caicedo Cherry Dub) [Ready Mix Records]

05. Bambook, Netzell - 1965 Love (Original Mix) [Apollo]

06. Steven Caicedo and Ellroy - Hutchison Effect [Apollo]

07. Dillon - Tip Tapping (Chaim Alternate Mix) [Bpitch Control]

08. Guy Gerber - Nothing Can Be True (Original Mix) [Supplement Facts Records]

09. Clio - Do It (Carlo Lio Remix) [Metroline Limited]


DJ Seanso pripravil Dino Lalić.


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