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In-Doktrina, 3. julij 2005 (2310 bralcev)
Nedelja, 3. 7. 2005

To nedeljo nekaj minut po polnoči z Indoktrino v eter (ponovno) prihaja Peter Klepec, ki se je 27. maja na temo Foucault: Zagate tranzicije v sklopu ciklusa predavanj Foucault na delu zgodilo na Filozofski fakulteti v Ljubljani.

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elias [03/06/2006]

http://www.rozmowy.all.pl The Elias`s Book - the knowledge of the 3rd millenium. or Why is the man his own killer? For the thousands of years of human`s development, in many societies around the world, people were trying to find out what is the purpose of human`s life. Many lifes have passed by, many philosophers trying to answer this question didn`t live the time when we can answer this question – using the data gathered by the researches. The answer to that question is very simple – human`s life doesn`t make any sens! It is only the best choice between the existing possibilities – spaces -conditions of life. God while creating the man, said that “it is good”, and when HE says that - the man is not able to create anything better. At the end of st Matthew`s Gospel he says: “Go then and make all the nations your learners”..., and “Going into the world propagate the Gospel to all the creatures”. For nearly 1500 years “the world” is the area of Earth without. We need to believe in mechanisms through which he may be existant in a man. The sphere of his operation are elements responsible for steering on all the levels and spaces, that has created the Laws, some huge places known today. Were these the continents Jesus spoke about? Because in the name of these words the Christianity has been propagated there, killing with the sword and destroying with fire. We have come to Earth just after 2000 years and we also know the Laws, Knowledge of God and the Essence of Creation given by Jesus. But the difference is that the level of civilisation is much greater and the mechanisms of transferring are different than used before. The essence of this transmission is not- to show the man the existance of God-but to believe in the Knowledge concerning the Sphere of his deeds. Only the Church`s authorities - for 2000 years - have been trying to convince people that God exists and that`s why in opposition - atheism has been created. Every thing that a man does - is the outcome of his mental condition - if he is not forced to that, even the fact ie you will continue to read further through the text or not.That is why, the knowledge given by Jesus, goes to explanation- that a mental state is imposed by mechanisms built into human`s construction.And the most important transmission from the Gospel, saying about ’Salvation from slavery’concerns controlling – destroying those mechanisms, that are imposing mental states.The awareeness`s task should be the ability of logical assessment of those situations on the basis of gathered knowledge, e.g. about the consequences coming out of breaking the law and proper creation of our acts. The doing element is the material body. Present knowledge about the awareness is guided onto proving that it`s source is a BRAIN. Out of this fact comes some logical consequences, that if there is no brain, there is no existance, awareness,thoughts,so there is no I and going further into that there is no responsibility for your acts done on the Earth.Everyone who believes into thinking with brain is God`s enemy, is an atheist and that is his deed that will be judged after his brain`s death, no matter what he believed. The present science, penetrating the deepest biological strucures in human`s body has posed a question: why is the whole man in macro structure if the essence of life concentrares on DNA structures? Is the macro structure only a pack for genes, which decide how this pack will look like? To explain it to the people has been found a substitute subject, that all this stuff is needed to build the brain that is a home of thoughts and is steering all the processes. This is the simplest and only explanation, but totally in desagreement with the Truth of creation. That is on the level of DNA structures` steering there is the greatest Awareness, because this is the place where God of Hosts is placed. And the man in his macro body may conquest the space and conquer different planets, he will never meet God-face to face - there. And he can do this only having physical body and I - the Awareness built out of electromagnetis field, in other words Energy and Information, that we will discuss further. The anathomy of a man has been thoroughly researched and many of his functions in stressful, pathological and artificial situations. I will talk about one of this phenomena. There is in a brain a collection of cells called the lobe crown.When it is cut out it causes the fact that a man doesn`t know about the existance of the second part of his body, in other words part of space is cut out of his Awareness. If he reads a book he reads only half of the page and he takes care only of one part of the body (Physiology William F. Ganong page 335). There is also other group of cells in the grey being of a brain (hasn`t got a name yet) that is activated in a proper time of human`s development and it`s activation causes the phenomenon of feeling additional two spaces filled with sounds and pictures, that others can`t see. Those people are considered mentally unstable, or in the best case they are called the visionaries and the rest of the people, by all means, wants to make them equal to the rest of the dumb, deaf and blind. After some words of explanation of these new mechanisms, by which the Awareness is governed, I must state, that all contents of this book concerning the new Knowledge about the construction and working of the Consciousness have also been written in additional space. The Holy Bible is a collection of all existing letters, but the pictures presented there - written - may be deciphered only by persons who can see the space;not by all normal people who can see only the simulation of so called Z vector. Check your abilities. “The more particilar civilisation understands, that it`s picture of world is a fiction, the higher level of science it has” A. Einstein. Look at a different way of interpretation of nature`s phenomena, because having different basic assumptions, we may have totally different ending assumptions,that are in agreement with the results of scientific research. The contents has the explanation of following issues: - What is the source of thoughts, the Sea of Information, factors -Gold, Incense and Myrrh; - What is the purpose of brain,neurons, synapsis; What is Spirit, spirituality - psyche, the religious problems; - The meaning of the cross, altar and religious symbols contained in the Bible; - The processes connected with creating mental states; - Creation of matter, the issue of electromagnetic fields; - The issue of wave-particle structure of matter, strings; - Magnetic properties of hemoglobin and it`s usage in sending the info; - The structure of an atom and issues of gathering the energy -The pyramid, the David`s star ; - The causes of death, illnesses and disasters; - The causes of particular ilnesses-e.g. cancer; - Instruction of usage of material body; - Factor connecting psyche with material body; intelligence of a man; - Parapsychological phenomena, UFO, biotherapeutics; - Family and its inside connections; - Steering of information written in DNA; - The causes of DNA structures` damage; - And many other interesting and unexplained problems.
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Z iluzji świata do Rzeczywistości Stworzenia
eljasz [03/06/2006]

Dorobek cywilizacyjny nauk humanistycznych i technicznych jaki dokonał się od zaistnienia człowieka na ziemi, jego dążenia do odkrycia swej Istoty, były planem prowadzącym do poznania działania Procesora, który jest źródłem tworzenia jego myśli. LIVECHIP rzeczywistość czy iluzja PROCESOR nowej generacji - http://www.rozmowy.all.pl Czy człowiek poznał już pełny Obraz Stworzenia? - nawet nie zajrzał do przedsionka wiedzy, doświadczenia naukowe służą jedynie udowadnianiu Życia bez udziału Boga. Jednak wychodząc z odmiennych założeń początkowych wykorzystując obowiązujące doświadczenia naukowe można w połączenie z wiedzą Objawioną wykreować nową wizję człowieka. zapraszam do lektury o Istocie człowieka, wiedzy przedstawiającej - udowadniającej dualizm człowieka, jako oddzielne cząstki somy i psyche. Wyjaśnienia systemów sterowania metabolizmem czyli wiedzy, że człowiek nie myśli mózgiem i nim NIE jest. nowa budowa atomu (jego wzory w symbolach religijnych), struny (palmy w nazewnictwie Pisma św.) jako ośrodki akumulacji energii, magnetyzm hemoglobiny, .....
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